NAPLEX Study Tips

A positive attitude and a realistic approach are essential to successful test preparation. If the student concentrates on the negative aspects of tests or on the potential for failure, anxiety increases and performance decreases. Therefore, we are going to share few effective study tips for your NAPLEX preparation:

1. Study for yourself

Although some of the material may seem irrelevant, the more you learn now, the less you will have to learn later. Also, do not let the fear of the test rob you of an important part of your education. If you study to learn, the task is less distasteful than studying solely to pass a test.

2. Review all areas

You should not be selective by studying perceived weak areas and ignoring perceived strong areas. Cover all of the material, putting added emphasis on weak areas.

3. Boldly concentrate on major areas like – Pharmacotherapy, Compounding and Dispensing, Public Health etc.

4. Attempt to understand, not just to memorize, the material. Ask yourself -To whom does the material apply? When does it apply? Where does it apply? How does it apply? Understanding the connections among these points allows for longer retention and aids in those situations when guessing strategies may be needed.

5. Try to anticipate questions that might appear on the test. Ask yourself how you might construct a question on a specific topic.

6. Practice as many sample questions as possible. The more you practice, the more you learn and you can identify areas of weakness that you need to improve upon. 

7. Give yourself a couple days of rest before the test. Studying up to the last moment will increase your anxiety and cause potential confusion.

8. Do not let anxiety destroy your confidence.

We hope above tips will be helpful for your NAPLEX journey.

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